Ryan was born with no arms and no legs yet he accomplishes more things and achieves more success than over 95% of our population who was born with arms and legs. Ryan defies the odds and leads by a great example showing the world that in order to succeed, you cant make excuses. Look for reasons to succeed instead of excuses to fail and you can accomplish anything you want if you can first make a commitment to yourself and be willing to do whatever it takes no matter what to follow through.

Ryan has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I met him around 15 years ago. Ryan showed me that if he could accomplish so much without the use of legs or arms, then i can accomplish things as well as long as I stop playing he victim and quit making excuses and just get out there and get to work.

10 years ago I was literally homeless and now I have also accomplished what I once thought would be completely impossible. I looked up to people like Ryan for inspiration and now I totally believe that I can do just about anything that i put my mind to and believe with conviction. Believe and succeed. Its 2020, the start of a new year, a new decade, and perhaps a whole new life if you really want it. No excuses, get out there and just do it. Subscribe for more. Happy New Year. Joey Zago