How to earn $100,000.00 per year without a 4 year college degree. The carpet and flooring industry has dropped the ball when it comes to training within this very teachable skilled trade. Because of the lack of installation skilled trade training withing the school systems, there is now a shortage of quality installation experts within the industry. This created a FANTASTIC income oppertunity for anyone willing to work hard and stay committed to learning. Must be able to lift heavy objects and work hard. Contact Our installation department leader Nick at (248) 602-1550 today to come in and learn how to join our installation training program. Being in the #SkilledTrade industry has opertunity that pays more than most doctors or lawyers make without having to pay a quarter of a million dollars of student loan debt to some big University for the next ten years. Becoming a #FlooringInstaller requires a strong back and a lot of focus and attention to small detail however, it sure does pay Glamorous. Most people.can get into this at any age as long as their body can lift heavy objects and move furniture as well as work on their hands and knees most of the day. You must be a probem solver who can think outside of the box at times. Good communication skills are also a plus when having to interact with consumers. I personally do support #education because both ofy parents were #schoolteachers however, #college life was just not something that I was interested in. I didn’t want to spend well over a hundred grand for an education with no guarantee of success after the degree and then have to work for the following ten years just to pay off the #studentloan #debt – instead I decided to #LearnaTrade and get good at it. It only takes about two full years to learn how to #becomeaflooringinstaller and learn #howtoinstallcarpet – this skill set can almost always guarantee you the ability to #earnsixfigures right out of the gate. It is #hardwork but #hardworkpays #BigBucks of #doneright – The best part is you can #earnmoney while you learn. For more info contact us at the phone number above to see if this is a program that may be right for you. #Apprentice installers usually earn between 10-12 dollars per hour for the first couple of years while they are getting a lot of hands on training experience on the job sites. An accelerated training can be done in less than a year in most cases if you take a month of #classroom #training first (cost about $1,200) and then take on more repetitive daily training of seam creating and other tasks after work. In any case, a well trained installer can earn well over $100,000 per year without having to take on student loan debt. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make what the doctor’s make without having to wait 10 years to start earning. #bewise #learn #howtoinstall #carpet #floorimg #vinylfloring #laminateflooring #refloor #installationservice